Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Changes Planned for the New Year

Every day for the past ten plus years, we have posted content to this Blog. That makes 2,602 posts on news and information related to Government contracting. Beginning next year however, we will be reducing our publication frequency and narrowing our coverage to topics more closely aligned to contract administration and contract audit. We will no longer cover such things as Justice Department announcements of Fraud allegations, convictions, and recoveries, unless, of course, there are elements to those cases involving FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) cost principles. We will no longer provide updates of the NDAAs (National Defense Authorization Acts). There is a lot of NDAA coverage out on the internet already. Also, we will forgo coverage of bid protests, size appeals, and pending legislation (most of which will never become law anyway).

Our goal remains to help Government contractors to grow their Government business, increase profits and comply with the myriad rules and regulations inherent in the Government marketplace. While our blog postings will be less frequent, they will not become infrequent. Stay with us.


  1. Hate to hear you're reducing the posts; this page has been my home page at work and the first thing I see to start the day for almost 10 years. I've learned a great deal here over the years. Thank you for that.

    Do you have any recs for other sites that summarize important things like NDAA and protests, etc?