Monday, November 27, 2000


PNWC’s training staff has extensive experience as Defense Contract Audit Agency national and regional instructors. They have developed and presented training classes covering all aspects of Government contracting. PNWC’s training services can be specialized to meet the training needs for your business or we can provide standardized training packages for either single day or multiple day workshops or conferences. PNWC's standard training packages include:
  • Ethics for Government Contractors
  • Truth in Negotiations (TINA)
  • Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)
  • Introduction to FAR Part 31 Cost Principles
  • Billing Systems
  • Labor Systems (including timekeeping)
  • Estimating Systems

Most of these standard training packages can be modified to fit specific time constraints. In addition, PNWC can develop additional training to fit your specific needs.

For additional information or to schedule training, call toll free at 866-849-4887 or email to