Thursday, May 6, 2010

Deadline Looming for Submitting Your Incurred Cost Proposal

For calendar year contractors with flexibly priced contracts, the deadline for submitting the annual incurred cost submission is June 30th.  If you need more time, submit a written request to your ACO and the Defense Contract Audit Agency. If you haven't prepared one before, the Government is rather particular on the format and the content. DCAA has a couple of good resources to help you out - both available on their public website. Go to On the left hand pane toward the bottom, there are links to the ICE Model and the Information for Contractors Pamplhet.

Chapter 6 of the Information for Contractors contains guidance for preparing the Incurred Cost Claim. The "Incurred Cost Electronically" is an Excel-based (but not user friendly) template for preparing your claim.

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