Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FAPIIS is 'Live"

Earlier this month, we reported that the Government's Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity System (FAPIIS) was set to go public on April 15th. FAPIIS is an information system that collects contractors' past performance reviews, suspensions, debarments, non-responsibility determinations, and civil, criminal, and administrative proceedings relating to a contractor's performance of federal, state, and local contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements. Contracting officers review the information in FAPIIS when making their responsibility determinations. Information posted after April 15th becomes public record. Information posted prior to April 15 continues to be for offical use only.

You can access FAPIIS here. It doesn't require any registration, login ID or password. The program is off to a slow start. So far, there are only two records in the entire database, both involving terminated contracts (one for default, the other for cause).

By the way, if you're a contractor, you don't want to see your name listed in this database. Although the FAPIIS contains past performance evaluations which are usually positive, that part of the database is not available to the public. It appears that only negative information will be available. We recommend that contractors periodically monitor it to ensure its accuracy, especially when (or before) submitting proposals to the Government. Erroneous information in this database could affect you chances of winning a bid.

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