Monday, July 25, 2011

Simplified Acquisition Threshold Raised for Humanitarian and Peacekeeping Operations

For Government procurement under the Simplified Acquisition Threshold described in FAR 2.101, agencies are not required to prepare formal evaluation plans, establish competitive ranges, conduct discussions or score offers. Additionally, contracting officers usually have the authority to personally choose the "winner" without subjecting his/her recommendation to a source selection team. The Simplified Acquisition Threshold is currently $150 thousand.

The Department of Defense just published an interim rule in its FAR supplement (DFARS) raising the Simplified Acquisition Threshold from $150 thousand to $300 thousand for humanitarian and peacekeeping operations. Humanitarian or peacekeeping operations means a military operation in support of the provision of humanitarian or foreign disaster assistance or in support of a peacekeeping operation under the United Nations Charger. It does not include routine training, force rotation, or stationing.

The Simplified Acquisition Threshold was previously set at $300 thousand for acquisition of supplies or services that are to be used to support a contingency operation or to facilitate defense against or recovery from nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological attack (or, $1 million if awarded or performed outside the United States). This  current action adds additional categories to those exceptions.

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