Thursday, August 30, 2012

Well Now, Isn't That Interesting

We periodically visit DCAA's (Defense Contract Audit Agency) public website to reference the Agency's Contract Audit Manual and to view newly published audit guidance. When we accessed it the other day, we thought something looked a little different. So, since "inquiring minds want to know", we compared the current home page with a cached version. Sure enough, there was something different. DCAA has added a prominent link for reporting complaints of fraud, waste, and abuse. The link takes you to DoD's Office of Inspector General, the Agency in charge of the DoD hotline.

Here's the old home page:

Here's the new home page:

We guess this link is mainly to make it easier for contractor employees to report suspicions of fraud, waste, and abuse as this site is the Agency's public website, they've got another site, an intranet, that its auditors use.

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