Friday, October 26, 2012

Sleeter Group Announces 2013 "Awesome Applications"

Each year since 2006, the Sleeter Group has culled through dozens of QuickBooks add-ons to select a few that rise above the others. They awarded these applications their "Awesome Add-on Award".  This year, the Sleeter Group changed its format to include non-specific QuickBooks products and renamed their promotion from "Awesome Add-ons" to "Awesome Applications. While some QuickBooks specific add-ons made the winner's circle, many of the applications are stand-alone, not requiring QuickBooks to function.

As consultants with many clients using QuickBooks, we are always interested in any improvements to the basic platform as well as improved or added functionality provided by third-party add-ons. With hundreds of add-ons available however, it is difficult to assess which ones are worthwhile and which should be avoided. Having reviews by an independent (and reputable) organization certainly helps in assessing a product's strengths  weaknesses, and value.

Click here to read about the winners of the 2013 Awesome Applications. Go here to read about previous winners.

Of the nine winners, the following three have the most potential for benefiting Government contractors and prospective contractors.

  • BillQuick by BQE Software. This is a repeat winner. BillQuick is an integrated solution for time & expense tracking, billing and project management. Many Government contractors use this product.
  • Cloud9 Real Time by Cloud9 Real Time. This application hosts all of your applications, data, and users in one central location, in the "cloud".
  • Concur Small Business Edition by Concur. This is an office expense management and reporting application. Contractors who perform a lot of travel and have inefficiencies in collecting travel expense information might benefit from Concur SBE.

eFAACT, a QuickBooks solution for Government contractors was a finalist in this year's selection process. If you are looking for something to facilitate indirect rate development and billings under Government contracts, you might want to evaluate this product. Our impression? Powerful but expensive.

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