Thursday, March 28, 2013

Proposal Adequacy Checklist - Final

To see the final checklist, click here.

More than a year ago, December 5, 2011 to be precise, DoD published a proposed rule to incorporate the concept of a checklist for determining whether a proposal had been adequately prepared. We reported on that proposed checklist here and here and compared it to a DCAA adequacy checklist that had been kicking around for awhile at that time. Adequate proposals, as everyone knows, facilitates their evaluation and negotiation.

The purpose for the adequacy checklist, according to DoD, is to ensure offerors take responsibility for submitting thorough, accurate, and complete proposals. The final checklist has only 36 items compared to 47 items in the proposed rule. That's the right direction. Also, just because this new rule appears in the DoD FAR Supplement, doesn't limit its potential applicability. DCAA will undoubtedly pull it out no matter which Agency's proposal they're auditing.

But as the checklist pertains to DoD contractors, whenever certified cost or pricing data is submitted, the offerors must complete the checklist and provide it with their proposals (DFARS 252.215-7009). There is also a flowdown requirement for subcontractors to use the same or similar checklist.

October 11, 2013 Correction: There is no flowdown requirement. The Q&A accompanying the rule states as follows: 
13. Subcontractor Flowdown
Comment: Several comments were received regarding the applicability of the checklist to subcontractors as the proposed rule has no guidance on this. One of the respondents noted that flowdown to require subcontractor to use the checklist would add a significant amount of time to proposal preparation.
Response: The checklist is not required to flow down to subcontractors, but prime contractors may elect to use it for their prospective subcontractors' proposals.
This new checklist applies to solicitations issued after March 28, 2013.

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