Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Version of the FAR Cost Principles Guide Has Been Published

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The FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) Cost Principles Guide has now been updated through FAC (Federal Acquisition Circular) 2005-65 (January 2013) and is available for download here. The previous update was June 2011 through FAC 2005-52.

The FAR Cost Principles Guide traces all the changes to FAR cost principles since the inception of the FAR system in 1984. It is useful for determining the precise cost principle in effect at the time a particular contract was awarded. While some cost principles have not changed in the ensuing years (e.g. bad debt expense, alcoholic beverages) most have undergone some form of revision and some have even been eliminated (ADP equipment). The Compensation cost principle (FAR 31.205-6), for example, has been revised 33 times.

The Government is now clearing out its backlog of old incurred cost submissions. These audits, going back to 2004 (and perhaps earlier), must evaluate costs based on the cost principles in effect during that year or, in some cases, when the contract was awarded. Any challenges to claimed costs must cite the correct cost principle version.

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