Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CAS Working Group Guidance - Part XVII

We are in the final week of our series on the CAS Working Group Guidance Papers. Between 1975 and 1981, DoD convened a group of so-called CAS "experts" to come up with practical solutions to issues that contracting officers were facing in trying to interpret and apply the (then) new rules and regulations being promulgated by the Cost Accounting Standards Board (CASB). During that time, the Working Group published a total of 25 "interim" guidance papers. According to DoD, twenty of the 25 interim papers are still current. The complete working group guidance papers can be downloaded here. Today we will discuss CAS 409, Depreciation of Tangible Capital Assets.

WG 78-22 - CAS 409 and the Development of Asset Service Lives

"Part time" usage is not the same as "Standby".

In describing criteria for estimating service lives for tangible capital assets, CAS 409 states that the estimate of the expected actual period of usefulness need not include the additional period tangible capital assets are retained for standby or incidental use where adequate records are maintained which reflect the withdrawal from active use. Supporting records shall be maintained which are adequate to show the age at retirement or, if the contractor so chooses, at withdrawal from active use for a sample of assets for each significant category.

The CAS 409 provision for adjusting service lives to reflect standby or incidental usage provides the contractor an opportunity to prevent having longer lives applied in the depreciation process merely because an asset is not disposed of when withdrawn from active use. To take advantage of this opportunity, the contractor must maintain a record supporting the status of assets.

Standby status exists when the asset is withdrawn from regular usage with no definite plans for continuing its use. The asset is retained merely for possible temporary replacement during repair of a productive asset, emergency, or other unusual usage. Diminishing the usage to a part-time basis does not constitute "standby" status.

Contractors should be required to provide sufficient detail in records of asset lives or other documentation to support that assets retained for standby or incidental use were withdrawn from service. As indicated in CAS 409.50(e)(2), the records may be for a sample of assets for each significant category. These records are required only when asset lives are adjusted for standby or incidental use.

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