Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1,000 Postings and Still Ticking

Today marks a milestone of sorts for this blog. This is our 1,000th posting. Every working day since November 23, 2009, we've posted something up here on this blog for our readers. Sometimes its news, sometimes analysis, and sometimes, when we get really busy, well, you know. Nevertheless, we put something up every day to keep our site dynamic and hopefully keep readers coming back.

We started this blog as a replacement for our quarterly newsletter. The main problem with a quarterly publishing schedule is that much of the "news" was already out of date by the time it was published. We needed a more responsive platform to get the word out. So we decided to experiment with blogging and we're still here. Our very first posting back in November 2009 announced the selection of Patrick Fitzgerald to be the new Director of Defense Contract Audit Agency, a position he still holds.

Our most popular postings have centered around the Cost Accounting Standards (CAS). Our all-time most frequently read posting was a discussion of the requirements of CAS 410, Allocation of Business Unit G&A to Final Cost Objectives. This is probably a reflection of the fact that there is not too much material on the Cost Accounting Standards on the Internet and our CAS postings rate pretty high on the search engines.

Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting. Feedback is important and always welcome.

  Ron Sabado
  Terry Nuzzo
  Bill Vermie
  David Koeltzow
  Paul Cederwall

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  1. Congratulations and keep it going. I read you almost every day.