Monday, December 2, 2013

Sleeter Group Announces 2014 "Awesome Applications"

Each year since 2006, the Sleeter Group has awarded recognition to accounting products available in the SMB (small to medium business) marketplace. Until last year, the recognition program was call "Awesome Add-Ons" as in addting to the functionality of QuickBooks. But last year, the consulting group opened the competition up a bit and included non QuickBooks applications. They also changed the name from "Awesome Add-Ons" to "Awesome Applications" to reflect the broader field of contestants.

As consultants with many clients using QuickBooks, we are always interested in any improvements to the basic QuickBooks platform as well as improved or added functionality provided by third-party add-ons. With hundreds of add-ons available however, it is difficult to assess which ones are worthwhile and which should be avoided. Having reviews by an independent (and reputable) organization helps in assessing a product's strengths, weaknesses, and value.

Last month, Sleeter Group announced the winners of its 2014 "awesome applications" contest. applications whether QuickBooks add-ons, 

If your company is not on an automated timekeeping system, you should make that one of your highest priorities. Automated systems are easy to use and generally very cost-effective. It will make everyone's life much easier. There are dozens of competing products out there and most have features that are important to DCAA; features like supervisory review and signoff, audit trails, and prompts for timely entries. Look for products that allow entries from mobile devises. There were a couple of products among the winners this year that fit in that category - tSheets and BigTime. Both of these products do more than just timekeeping.

If your bugaboo is expense reporting (e.g. travel expenses), you might take a look at Tallie. If you are trying to manage inventory, check out Easy Purchasing.

You can read more about these and other winning products here. There are also links to previous years' winners.

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