Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DoD Proposal Adequacy Checklist - New Revision

Last October, we reviewed the newly issued DoD Proposal Adequacy Checklist in some detail along. There was a lot of confusion on one question in particular, Question No. 19. You can read all about it by following this link.

The DoD has changed its mind concerning Question No. 19 and has now deleted it through a Federal Register Notice posted today.

Question No. 19 required price analysis for all commercial items offered that are not available to the general public. After further research, DoD determined that Item No. 19 is duplicative in nature. DoD concluded that items proposed with a commercial basis under subcontracts in the proposal require price analysis by the offeror. Furthermore, DoD also concluded that questions 14 and 17 currently address the requirement for price analysis of the proposed commercial item that is produced or performed by others.

Its going to take awhile before the revised checklists (i.e. checklists with Question No. 19 deleted) become readily available. Contractors and prospective contractors can expect to see old versions sent out with solicitations and through other means. That is unfortunate because companies might spend a lot of unnecessary time trying to understand exactly what the now-deleted Question No. 19 really requires and whether it is applicable to them.

The online versions of the checklist have not yet been updated, even though this changed is effective immediately.

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