Friday, May 13, 2016

DCAA Updates its Strategic Plan

DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) recently published an updated strategic plan. The document addresses steps to create an ideal audit environment through 2020.

The new strategic plan has five overarching goals that focus on people, products and customers. These goals include:

  • Embody a culture of one Agency, one team, one direction
  • Support the acquisition community by providing quality audits and advisory services
  • Foster a diverse workforce of highly motivated and valued professionals
  • Enhance working relationships with DCAA external stakeholders
  • Provide the workforce with the right information, business processes, and capabilities to successful accomplish the mission.
At heart, these goals are not so different than any of DCAA's previous strategic plans or the strategic plans of dozens of other federal, state, and local agencies and commercial customers. It seems like these five-year updates is simply a matter of rephrasing the language. Certainly every entity wants to support their customers and be a good place to work. Why not?

The agencies that rely on DCAA's audit work might be most interested in Goal 2, supporting the acquisition community by providing quality audits and advisory services. DCAA listed three objectives to support this goal;
  1. Be responsive to the acquisition community
  2. Perform the right services with the greatest value
  3. Deliver quality products and services on time.
DCAA is wise to focus on this area and mend fences with it acquisition community customers. Sometimes the Agency's view of "right services" is vastly different than that of its customers.

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