Thursday, December 8, 2016

DCAA Re-formats its Contract Audit Manual

The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) has significantly reformatted its on-line version of the Contract Audit Manual (CAM).The on-line version of CAM is the only version currently available - DCAA discontinued the print version several years ago. The previous on-line versions were simply .PDF copies of the printed version. The new formatting takes advantage of web-based navigation (e.g. hyperlinking) so that the reader, looking at the table of contents in one of the chapters, can navigate directly to the selected section by clicking within the table of contents. Additionally, there are copious hyperlinks within the text itself that take you directly to a FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) section, or other regulations or statutes, etc. Clicking on a double asterisks will take you back to the table of contents for that chapter. The topical index, although sharing the formatting style used throughout CAM, does not contain hyperlinks. Hopefully DCAA will remedy that omission shortly.

We don't know whether DCAA incorporated any substantive changes to the newly re-formatted version. Previously, changes were identified by shading the changed passages. Our cursory review of the new format however did not disclose any shading.

Access DCAA's Contract Audit Manual by clicking here.

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