Friday, April 27, 2018

Fast Cars, Easy Money - An Update

This is an update to an article we posted last August concerning DCAA's (Defense Contract Audit Agency) questioning of $50 million on an Army contract to mentor and train Afghan National Security Forces (see DCAA Questions $50 Million of a Contractor's Incurred Costs).

Yesterday, Senator McCaskill, as ranking member of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, released a report that provides considerably more details than was previously publicized, although the original DCAA audit report was not released.

The new report (available here) was issued in conjunction with yesterday's hearing where Senator McCaskill grilled the Secretary of Defense (and other officials) about that particular contract where she stated that "Somebody's head's got to roll on this".

Click HERE to watch McCaskill's questioning at yesterday's hearing and be prepared to be entertained.

McCaskill was not at all pleased that the subject of the audit was still under contract and drawing taxpayer funds to drive around in luxury automobiles and paying family members (and "significant others") exorbitant salaries but performing no work.

The Secretary of Defense acknowledged that there was an ongoing criminal investigation into the matter and he was not at liberty to discuss details in an open forum. That didn't mollify McCaskill however. She questioned why that contractor had not been immediately debarred from Government contracting which is an action independent of any criminal investigation.

McCaskill also demanded that the Pentagon identify the specific individuals responsible for awarding the contract and approving billings under the contract."Someone's head is going to roll".

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