Monday, June 25, 2018

Need a Contracting Preference? Open a Day-Care

Nine House Representatives have gotten together to introduce legislation that will require Executive Agencies to give priority to entities with on-site child care for employees when awarding certain contracts. We suppose that if companies are not eligible for any other type of contracting preference - the company is not in a HUBzone, is not veteran owned, is not woman-owned, is not minority-owned - it can open an on-premises day-care center for its employees and get a few bonus points when seeking Government contracts.

Specifically, the proposed legislation provides the following:
In awarding a contract for an amount exceeding $4 million, an executive agency shall give priority to any entity with on-site child care for the employees of the entity.
The proposed legislation also provides that this preference does not take priority to the preference given to small business concerns.

This legislation, if passed, will apply to all executive agencies meaning "an executive department or independent establishment in the executive branch of the Government (or a wholly-owned Government corporation).

The full text of the proposed legislation can be found here.

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