Wednesday, July 10, 2019

DCAA's 2018 Annual Report to Congress - Part 2

We turn once again to DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency's) Annual Report to Congress for a glimpse of what that organization has been up to in its last fiscal year. See "Where Have All the CPAs Gone" for previous coverage (Part 1) of DCAA's annual report to Congress.

Today we cover the section where DCAA describes its most significant fiscal year 2018 activities and their impact on the audit process. This annual report to Congress is the opportunity for DCAA to tell its story to Congress - to let the members know what is important to the Agency and what taxpayers get for their $1.4 billion in annual appropriations.

DCAA found three "significant" activities to report.

  1. We sent 22 supervisors and managers - many with graduate degrees and most having a CPA designation - to leadership training.
  2. We had meetings with customers including some big shots in the Pentagon
  3. We prioritized audits of contracts with 'cancelling funds'.
That's it! Those are the three most significant activities that DCAA could conjure up for their annual report to Congress. On a positive note for the Agency, its unlikely that anyone in Congress will ever read the report.

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