Friday, April 23, 2010

Genuinely Useful Software - Part 1

Power Utility Pak Version 7 (PUP v7) is a useful collection of Excel add-ins that brings significant new functionality to Excel 2007. When PUP is installed, you can do things with Excel in a few steps that would have taken many steps to perform withoput PUP v7. Regardless of your experience level, you'll find features in PUP that can make your job easier. PUP v7 augments Excel with about 70 new commands and 53 new worksheet functions. The product is designed to work seamlessly with Excel 2007. If you still use an earlier version of Excel, try PUP v6.

If you spend your life in Excel like we do, this utility is well worth the price. While we do not use most of the added functionality, the commands and functions we do use make it a worthwhile investment. The price is $40 but quantity discounts are available. You can download a trial version at no cost.

One of our fatovite tools in PUP v7 is the "Create Workbook Contents Sheet". This utility adds a new worksheet which functions as a table of contents for quick navigation to other sheets in the workbook. You can even choose between hyperlinks or buttons to navigate to those sheets. If you have a workbook with many sheets, this is a great way to navigate. Try it the next time you prepare your ICE (Annual Incurred Cost Proposal).

To read more about PUP v7 and to download a trial version, click here.

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