Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here's a List to Avoid

The byline on The Project on Government Oversight's (POGO's) website states that it is an independent nonprofit organization that investigates and exposes corruption and other misconduct in order to achieve a more effective, accountable, open, and ethical federal government. We've enjoyed POGO for years, both while we worked as Government auditors and now in the private sector - especially their efforts to promote policies that will ensure effective internal control systems and ethical conduct by companies desiring to participate in the Government contracting arena.

Recently POGO updated it Federal Contractor Misconduct Database (FCMD) with a new top 100 ranking based on fiscal year 2009 data.  This is not a database of the top 100 "misconducting" contractors. It is a database of the top 100 contractors receiving Federal funds together with the number of instances of misconduct. Of the top 100 recipients, 27 have no known instances of misconduct. Eleven others have only one instance leading POGO to conclude that since many contractors have no pattern of misconduct, is  "... further evidence that we should not accept contractor misconduct as a cost of doing business".

The Government recently launched its own contractor responsibility database - the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity System (FAPIIS). The Government's database is not publically accessible but it would be interesting to compare it to POGO's FCMD.

Visit POGO's Federal Contractor Misconduct Database here.

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