Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DoD Issues Final Rule on Accelerating Payments to Small Businesses

On November 18th, DoD amended its FAR Supplement by inserting a provision that formalizes its intention to accelerate payments to small business concerns (see DFARS 232.903). The provision does not specify a particular number of days. It merely states:

DoD policy is to assist small business concerns by paying them as quickly as possible after invoices and all proper documentation, including acceptance, are received and before normal payment due dates established in the contract.

Normal due dates are typically 30 days after receipt so small business concerns should expect to see reimbursements and payments in less than 30 days, and hopefully, significantly less than 30 days. The new rule did not change the interest provision on delinquent payments. Interest on late payments still begin after 30 days.

If you are a small business and payments are not received any sooner than they were in the past, you should contact your contracting officer for assistance.

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