Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sleeter Group's Awesome QuickBooks Add-ons

If your company does not use QuickBooks Accounting Software, you can skip this post. If you're one of the thousands of Government contractors who use QuickBooks, the following may be of interest to you.

The Sleeter Group is the preeminent provider of technical reference materials, software expertise, and QuickBooks training materials for accounting solutions consultants. It has trained over 30 thousand accounting professionals in accounting software solutions. Each year for the past seven years, the Sleeter group culls through dozens of QuickBooks add-ons to select a few that rise above the others. The add-ons must be developed and sold by solid companys with reputations for outstanding customer support and the product must have the following attributes:

  • Must be fully released and shipping in the US by August 1, 2011
  • Must conform to good accounting principles and operating standards
  • Should use appropriate transaction types and field population for recording data into QuickBooks and/or other accounting software packages so as to preserve and/or enhance the standard reporting features.

As consultants with many clients on QuickBooks, we are always interested in any improvements to the basic platform as well as through third-party add-ons. With the hundreds of add-ons available however, it is difficult to assess which ones are worthwhile and which should be avoided. Having an independent (and reputable) organization do a lot of the groundwork certainly helps.

None of the "awesome" add-ons for 2012 are specific to Government contracting. You won't find any add-on that calculates indirect expense rates or can upload billings directly into WAWF (Wide Area Workflow). The Sleeter Group's selections probably need to appeal to a broad market and Government contracting is probably too much of a niche. However, this is not to imply that the winners would not be of interest to Government contractors.

The winners for 2012 can be accessed here. In addition, this web page has links back to winners from previous years.


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