Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We Were Auditors Once, and .... (Part 3)

We were auditors once, and we didn't always get along too well with the Government's contracting officers. Its not that they weren't nice people, its just that they didn't often show us the appreciation we thought was due us and they didn't anticipate the release of our next audit report to the degree the millennium generation would expectantly wait for the next Apple iPad.

Audit reports are only advisory. The real decision makers in Government contracting are the contracting officers. Audit reports are sent to contracting officers and the contracting officers decide whether to pursue or drop particular audit issues. More than a few times, we would develop audit findings that we believed were sound, well-thought out, and defensible, only to have the contracting officer give it the same due as one would shoo a fly from their dinner plate. Of course, that would upset us to no end. We would silently fume and seethe within and plot ways to get even - until quitting time, that is.

What about you? Got any stories to share?

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