Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Get Your Voice Heard - Section 809 Panel Wants to Hear From You

Over the past several weeks, we've written a few times about the activities of the Section 809 Panel whose job is to figure out how to ensure the Defense Department (and by extension, Civilian agencies) to more consistently buy what it needs in a timely and cost-effective manner (see, for example, Update on Section 809 Panel).

The Panel sincerely wants to hear from people and organizations affected by the current state of procurement regulations and they've made it very easy to submit your dirty dozen (except that they call it the "50 Worst"). The Panel needs your help in identifying and tallying the 50 worst regulations, laws, and policies that frustrate you and must go.

The Panel has created an on-line form with two basic questions:

  1. What regulatory roadblock are you encountering? Is there a policy that frustrates you and must go? Know a law that doesn't make sense and costs you time and money? Describe it here
  2. How does it specifically get in your way? How would you change it, get rid of it, or make it simpler?
There is no limit to the number of contributions one can make to the "50 Worst" regulations, laws, and policies. The Section 809 Panel may be the best shot at improving the Government's procurement regulations for many many years so please contribute.

The 50 Worst on-line form can be accessed here.

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