Thursday, October 19, 2017

Government Employees are (Generally) a Happy and Contented Bunch

OMP (Office of Personnel Management), the Government's HR Department, recently published the results of its 2017 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. This survey measures how Government employees feel about their jobs, their supervisors, and their agencies. It also allowed employees to share their opinions on what matters most to them.

Nearly a half million employees responded to the survey representing 80 different agencies. Overall satisfaction rose 3 percentage points from 61 to 64 percent. The questions in the 2017 survey were identical to those in the 2016 survey.

The survey results have been published here and can be searched for additional details. It includes links to even more details, if one is so inclined to study them. Overall DoD agencies are right around the norm for overall satisfaction (64 percent). The Department of Energy is higher (68 percent) and NASA is much higher (80 percent).

From a Government contractor's point of view, its usually much better to deal with Government counterparts that enjoy their work, are helpful, solve problems, and seek better ways to do things.

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