Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Basic EEO Requirements for Small Businesses with Federal Contracts - Part IV

According to the OFCCP (Office of Federal Compliance Programs) and based on the requirements of Executive Order 11246 (as amended), there are six basic EEO requirements for small businesses with Government contracts. In the first three parts of this series, we discussed five of them - do not discriminate, post EEO posters, add tag lines to employment advertising, keep records, and permit OFCCP access to your books and records, when requested. The sixth item is a requirement to file an annual EEO report.

The Standard Form 100, Employer Identification Report (EEO-1 Report) requires that employers report on the number of employees by race, ethnicity and gender for each of ten job categories. These categories include:

  • Executive/Senior level officials and managers
  • First/mid-level officials and managers
  • Professionals
  • Technicians
  • Sales workers
  • Administrative support workers
  • Craft workers
  • Operatives
  • Laborers and helpers
  • Service workers

It is sometimes challenging to figure out which employees go to which category. Most companies now have HR (Human Resources) software that includes fields to collect and report on this information.

The EEO-1 report is filed annually, not later than September 30th.

This report must be files by all private employers that have more than 100 employees. However, for Government contractors, the number of employees drops to 50 employees and a $50 thousand contract.

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