Thursday, December 22, 2011

CAS Board Makes Threshold Rule Final

The CAS Board (Cost Accounting Standards) published a final rule today that revises the threshold for the application of CAS from $650 thousand to "the Truth in Negotiation Act (TINA) threshold. The change is being made because the CAS applicability threshold is statutorily tied to the TINA threshold. So, whenever the TINA threshold changed, the CAS Board would have to initiate a rule making process to change the CAS applicability threshold. Now, by replacing specific dollar amounts from the CAS regulations (48 CFR Part 99) with a reference to the TINA threshold (41 USC 1908 and 41 USC 1502(b)(1)(B)), the CAS Board will greatly reduce the need for future revisions to its rules.

The TINA threshold is currently set at $700 thousand.

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