Monday, December 5, 2011

New Proposal Adequacy Checklist Coming from DoD

The Department of Defense just published a proposal adequacy checklist as a proposed rule under its FAR Supplement (DFARS). This checklist supports one of DoD's "Better Buying Power" initiatives by incorporating the requirement for a proposal adequacy checklist into the procurement regulations. As drafted, the proposed rule requires that contractors complete the checklist and submit it together with their proposals whenever cost or pricing data is required and at the discretion of the contracting officer.

The goal in requiring this checklist is to help ensure that offerors submit thorough, accurate, and complete proposals. By completing the new checklist, offerors will be able to self-validate the adequacy of their proposals.

The checklist includes 47 items divided into eleven sections:

  1. General instructions
  2. Materials and services
  3. Subcontracts
  4. Commercial item determinations
  5. Adequate price competition
  6. Interorganizational transfers
  7. Direct labor
  8. Indirect costs
  9. Other costs
  10. Formats for submission of line item summaries
  11. Other
Many of the checklist items come verbatim from DCAA's proposal adequacy checklist which has been around for some time and which we have recommended contractors follow as part of their own internal controls. However, there are some differences that we will examine tomorrow. 

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